"Jack Kerouac with a guitar"
Bob McCarthy
"Larry Allen Brown is the real deal. This man sings songs of startling intelligence in a voice you know is telling the truth. These are songs with some serious miles on the tires; born of a life deeply and passionately lived." ~
Will Ackerman

"Perhaps the most extraordinary CD (Covered Bridges) we’ve received in the mail in a decade!  Truly compelling lyrics and heartfelt vocals driven by memorable tunes. Describing love lost, loneliness, desperation, and occasionally, elation.  The music is polished Americana one might describe as Chamber Folk with a country lilt.   Three superb instrumentalists and one resonant, heart-tugging voice.  Bassist Billy Martin is a key to the sound, and on additional guitars and mandolin, the incomparable Bob McCarthy.  Larry, guitarist and vocalist extraordinaire, is a long-ago Berklee grad who grew  up on Dylan, Dave Van Ronk, Chris Smithers, and a whole gamut of folkies from the 60s.  To listen, please click on “Southwest of Eden” from this link larryallenbrown."


John Chapin ~ The Canoe Club

Hanover NH 

“Whether you describe his voice as mahogany, molasses or bourbon, or a voice that sounds like mahogany covered in molasses and bourbon; you know it’s a voice that’s seen some things, and done some stuff”. ~ Norman Wheatley – Gentlefolk2 UK

"The songwriting is really good on this track, ( Southwest of Eden) has that perfect sad sweetness of Americana music. Strings are super pretty." ~ Abduction Radiation


"The song ( Southwest of Eden) is wonderful, the singing voice matches perfectly to the song and gives it a great special vibe. " ~ - FBP Music


Larry Allen Brown